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About Us

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What do we do ?


We are the Maastricht Journal of Politics & Economics (MJPE), a student-led journal that provides weekly articles on the topics of politics, economics, but also geopolitics,  international conflicts, etc. We publish our articles on our website, and are active on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

How were we created?


Our Journal was founded in April 2022 by Matthias Sciollintano. Before being branded as The Maastricht Journal of Politics & Economics (MJPE), we acted as the "Blog Committee" of PES Maastricht. Our current "identity" and logo were then established in October 2022.

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What are our goals?

Missions & Values

Our Journal stands as a defender of reliability, and is committed to presenting meticulously researched facts as the foundation of well-informed opinions. We ignite intellectual curiosity among students, spotlighting the crucial spheres of politics and economics, aiming to foster a vibrant academic community. Our core values embrace open dialogue, critical thinking, and the spirited exchange of ideas, nurturing an environment where discourse and learning flourish together.

How many are we?

Overview of Our Team

Our dynamic team is currently composed of 18 dedicated individuals. This includes 2 board members, who provide strategic direction and oversight, ensuring that we stay true to our mission and values. Our 5 editors and assistant editors are the backbone of content quality and integrity, working to shape, refine, and perfect each submission. Finally, our 11 writers, coming from diverse academic backgrounds provide insightful articles, and form the core of our content. Together, our team collaborates to uphold the high standards and academic excellence our readers expect from us. Learn more about them here.

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