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Minerva Research Insitute

What you will get

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We prioritize the development of robust research skills among our members through a series of recurring workshops. These workshops, meticulously organized by Minerva, comprise five distinct modules that cater to diverse facets of academic research. As part of our community sharing goal, we have opened our workshop to any interested person. If you sign up, you will not only be able to participate in the workshop but also receive the available notes and recordings. 


The dates and topics are:

  • Research Design (9th Feb): what is research, different types of research, how to choose a research topic and formulate it.

       Presented by Minerva

  • Research Tools (28th Feb): template and know-how of Qualtrics, tour of Zotero and related tools, Research Rabbit, MathPix,...

       Presented by Minerva

  • R Beginner (14th March): regression analysis, create and export tables, descriptive statistics.

       Presented by Minerva

  • Academic Writing (22-26th Apr): How to structure a paper and each section, what makes good arguments, APA7 and plagiarism.

       Presented by Doc. John Harbord and/or Minerva

  • Latex (6-8th May): how to set up a paper on Overleaf, get a UM valid APA7 style template.

       Presented by Ass. Prof. Julian Ashwin and/or Minerva


Together, these workshops embody the Minerva Research Institute's commitment to fostering a well-rounded and skilled research community.

Preview of our workshops

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