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Fostering Economic Understanding and Action.


We are focused on enabling our committee members to make the most out of their time studying, in Maastricht and at PES. That is why we have opted for an organisational structure which allows each committee to operate with a high degree of autonomy and efficiency.


In the past, PES Maastricht held events such as Academic Guest Lectures, Trips such as a Study & Internship trip to Warsaw in March 2023, or the Members’ one to the Aachen Christmas Market. Further, we hosted Social Events such as parties, political speed dating events, BPS debates or the famous Pub Quiz featuring SBE Lecturer Christian Kerckhoffs.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for our marketing, which includes running our social media as well as organising marketing campaigns to involve more students and increase our reach. It also focuses on maintaining our community up-to-date through our website and our newsletter.

You help shape the design of our organisation and how we present ourselves. You are also able to find creative ways to reach students.

Welcome to the Minerva Research Institute, where curiosity meets intellect, and ideas transform into impactful analyses. Embark with us in teams of 1-2 students to conduct research in the realms of economics and politics. At Minerva, you will train your critical thinking, elevate your academic writing abilities, and refine your research skills.

By becoming a part of Minerva, you collaborate with like-minded peers, share diverse perspectives, and contribute to a culture of intellectual exchange.

External Relations

The External Relations Committee is focused on further developing our organisation externally. This team forms partnership agreements with local bars, cafes, shops and also international companies to bring PES and the experience of being a PES member to the next level. The team also maintains contact with our partners on a regular basis.

You learn how to reach out to potential partners as well as to pitch and sell your offer.

Academic Events

The Academic Events Committee is focused on our guest speaker events. In this Committee you contribute to the core of our organisation by discussing and finding the next topic that we discuss with our next guest speaker.

You get the opportunity to contact and network with high-profile speakers and organise interesting and fun events for our students!

Social Events

The Social Events Committee is focused on organising our social events. Those include political speed dating, pub quiz, parties,  and organising trips. In this Committee you will develop events from start to finish and by doing so improve your communication, creative and critical thinking. Join the team and deliver unforgettable nights and moments to our students!


The MJPE is focused on writing articles of around 600-1200 words each week on the topics of politics, economics and anything related to that. In MJPE, you will develop your writing skills, attention to detail and creativity in the writing process.

Several editors and the Editor-in-Chief are responsible for reviewing and providing feedback to the authors, so that you can have a continuous learning process.

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