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Research Institute

“Standing on the shoulders of giants”

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Minerva Research Insitute

Our History

Originally named the Research Division, our committee underwent a substantial rebranding in November 2023, emerging as the Minerva Research Institute with a new structure comprising four teams (Research, Supervising, Events, Marketing). Initially centered around writing research papers on specific topics, our committee evolved as our community expanded. We shifted towards a more dynamic approach, fostering collaboration among members based on shared interests. Our primary focus has now shifted to producing policy briefs, literature reviews, and scientific research papers. Our ultimate goal remains unwavering: to showcase the brilliance of ambitious and dedicated individuals within our community.

Minerva Research Insitute

What we do

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Our primary aim is to provide a platform where curious and open-minded individuals can connect and interact with fellow research enthusiasts. As a member of our community, you will have the opportunity to exchange your thoughts and ideas both through writing and oral debates.


You can choose to delve into your interests through in-depth research and analysis with our Research Team, or you may prefer to develop a critical eye for mistakes working alongside our Supervising Team. If you are looking for a way to improve your skills and expand your network, you can join our Events Team and help organising our "Thesis Training Workshop Series". Finally, if you have a passion for creativity and aesthetics, you will be welcomed in our Marketing Team.


In any case, by joining Minerva, you will find a space to connect with like-minded and develop your interests and skills while enjoying yourself. You will also get exclusive access to our committee Game Nights!

A detailed description of the roles and responsibilities from each team are provided in our application form below.

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Open positions:

Chief Supervisor

Event Coordinator

General Active Member

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