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Every semester our Executive and Governing Board meet with our Advisory Board.

They advise us on all aspects of our organisation and are a key driver of progress.

Phil Brüll

Senior lecturer in the field of Political Psychology

Senior lecturer at FPN, Maastricht University. Here he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees (2006-2011). His expertise is in Political Psychology, applied Social Psychology & applied Social Neuroscience. He is also a member of the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights. He was involved in the Behavior-Change Intervention for EU Energy Retrofitting Program by the Maastricht University Green Office and again Behavior-Change interventions consultant for the University of Parakou.


Prof. Dr. Roberta Haar

Professor of Foreign Policy Analysis & Transatlantic Relations

Roberta N. Haar is Professor of Foreign Policy Analysis and Transatlantic Relations, Maastricht University, and the Research Director at University College Maastricht. Among the others, her most recent publications include “Foreign Policy Change from an Advocacy Coalition Framework Perspective”, published in International Studies Review. A full list of publications can be found on her official University profile page. She regularly gives presentations on American Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Relations to a wide spectrum of audiences, from the professional to the high school level, through her affiliation with Maastricht University’s Teenz program.

Prof. Michalis Moatsos

Assistant Professor of Macro, International & Labour Economics at School of Business and Economics

Michalis Moatsos is  an assistant professor of Macro, International and Labour Economics at Maastricht University.A chapter of his dissertation entitled “Global Extreme Poverty: Present and Past since 1820” was published (2021) in an OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) volume on historical living standards. He has given more than 25 presentations in international seminars, workshops, and conferences, including at the 2016 Nuffield College Economic History seminar, at Oxford University, UK.


Prof. Dr. Niels Philipsen

Professor of Shifts in Private and Public Regulation (Erasmus University) and Associate Professor in Law and Economics (Maastricht University)

Associate Professor in Law and Economics at the Law Faculty, Maastricht University. He studied economics at the UM School of Business and Economics and subsequently obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Law.


Besides publishing in academic journals and books, he conducted third-party research for inter alia the European Commission, OECD, several Dutch ministries and the International Bar Association. He is also Professor at the Erasmus School of Law and Adjunct Professor at the China University of Political Science and Law.

Kaj Thomsson

Director of Bachelor Programmes & Associate Professor of Economics at School of Business and Economics

Kaj Thomsson is the Director of Bachelor Programmes in the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University, and an Associate Professor of Economics. He holds a BA degree in Economics from Stockholm University, an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, and a PhD in Economics from Yale University in the United States. His primary areas of research interest are political economy, broadly defined to include the history of political and economic institutions, as well as development economics and environmental economics.

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